It’s 2021 and a big change covers the mobile phone models. It’s 128gig internal memory, too big but it’s odd that before 1gig is already too large. Such apps nowadays eats up a lot of memory and requires high tech specs… Not to mention the price while people have difficulty acquiring such income and pandemic still out there, evolving and reproducing new brand of species.

Weird fact

I used to have a computer shop last Oct 17,2010…twas stopped, due to greedy relatives who were envious of me…. Took the space away when shop was on its peak on its 5th year…. Odd that after all those years same date I had my internet installed this year 2020….the dry run is Oct10 before and that’s my billing cycle now😁

GPS kids watch

GPS tracker….

Some suppliers are really misleading people when it comes to features and prices….some based on brands,others on fearures but having same prices but most likely different when actual. False advertising and reasoning out will only make it worse when you file for a refund.

But honestly,when it comes to Amazon….they just give you compensation when asked just to give good feedback and they will refund you if requested…

You can clearly see the difference how business works between Americans and Asians.

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