Smartwatches been selling these smartwatches since 2002…just noticed its stagnant on software versions… they improve their models but features? No! Twas disappointing that seeing how great it would be when you see progress and development on every brand they release, it could top up sales, original and imitation alike! notifications and the feed from connecting your mobile is really helpful not having to bring out your phone in public, it avoids encountering snatchers… and really cool having to view messages on your watch just like checking the time! Hopefully the production doesn’t die now will c0ntinue to develop bot just its looks but also its features!

Fun geeking

I had fun doing these experimental, and practice how to maximize certain gadgets. Their functions are way too much than what is written on their boxes!Some of their capacity is doing what is beyond. I showed up some pix here so you could check. I’m not really good in explaining but I will come upContinue reading “Fun geeking”

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